The Corpse

Ripened skin, an emptiness within.

Glassy eyes; an eternal stare into the ether.

Fallen limbs surround this vacant vessel and stillness whispers.

Skin painted black, blue, green. Cold, placid, plasticised skin

Where memories once resided in a mind that was once ignited.

Emotions that once surged through muscle and nerve endings.

Electricity, impulses and a pounding heart beat.

The energy that once remained contained within the skin has now been released in to the surrounding atmosphere.

To be recycled. To find a new home.

And now, this empty shell with the sunken eyes lies before me.

A remnant of the past.

Yet, I still cling to the notion that life is not gone.

That you can still hear me – you may not be breathing but you can still feel me.

And I ask for a sign, a symbol of your acknowledgment.

Anything, warm breath on the back of my neck, a falling picture frame, a fluttering candle flame…

The stillness invites me.

I accept.

Heavy air beckons the flies and we lie in wait.

A destiny for mankind that we cannot escape.

D R Forest 2012 ©