Testimonials from readers of Forest’s work

Praise for ‘The Corpse Rooms’


The Corpse Rooms (2016)

“I loved this book! So many twists and turns and genuinely scary moments. Kept me interested from start to finish. I can’t wait to read Drew’s other books; in fact I’ve downloaded them already and want to buy the paperback versions now they’re available! Wonderful stuff.”

– Paul Chandler (Author of ‘The Vampire Cows of Scunthorpe’ & ‘Caveman Logic’)

“When this book was recommended to me, I wasn’t too sure what to expect from a debut horror novel. I’m pleased to say that I really enjoyed it. Writing horror isn’t as easy as some people may think. It’s very difficult to create an atmosphere of suspense and to sustain it through the story, so I was greatly impressed at how the author managed to achieve this goal, whenever you think you’ve figured out what’s going on, something even more strange happens. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good scare!”

– Dan Sihota (Author of ‘Nightmares’)

“Randomly found this book on Twitter and enjoyed it immensely. This was a very engaging book with a great storyline. It had tension, mystery, intrigue and captured creepy incredibly well. Very atmospheric writing and kept a good pace throughout. Would recommend to anyone who likes creepy supernatural mysteries.”

– Kat Wicks

“Read in one sitting could NOT put it down! a great debut novel cant wait for more to follow in the future-go buy this book!!!”

– Lee Petersen

“Finding a book that will actually scare you and make you shiver isn’t easy, but I’m very happy to say that is exactly what this book did to me. The story is entertaining throughout, you won’t find any boring bits, and you won’t be disappointed by the end which is so well described you will picture everything in your head as if you were watching the movie version of it.”

– Javi Monzón

“The Corpse Rooms follows the tale of struggling alcoholic, Theo, who takes a maintenance job at the mysterious Rose Maiden Manor. When his friend and sponsor disappears, it is a race against time to unravel the mystery of the manor in order to save her. Drew Forest’s debut novel is superbly written, building layer upon layer tension to reach a fitting climax. The story, and many of the scenes, are remnant of the Silent Hill video game series, mixing suspense, mystery, thrills and the out right gruesome. There are many self-published novels available on Amazon – The Corpse Rooms is certainly one of best and rivals any thing released by a mainstream publishing house. Drew Forest is certainly a writer to keep your eye on. I am certainly looking forward to his next novel.”

– Duncan Thompson (Author of ‘Within the Dark Places’)

 “Drew Forest’s debut novel THE CORPSE ROOMS is full of mystery, suspense and chilling twists and turns. It is certainly a book that you will find hard to put down as the characters are written with enough detail to make you believe in the trials and tribulations they are going through, especially Theo our main character who is a recovering alcoholic. Outside of Theo, his love interest Rhea and Theo’s disabled brother Bill, there is one character who is not a person but a building and a very haunting building it is as well. This goes to show how well this book is written, as to have an object become a character in itself takes alot of skill and imagination to make happen. Rose Maiden Manor itself sounds like quite a majestic building and for me thoughts of the house from Stephen King’s mini series ROSE RED (2002) was conjured up, as much like that house the manor in Drew Forest’s book THE CORPSE ROOMS has a tendency to change. I would highly recommend picking this book up if you want a novel that will keep you thinking and intrigued throughout. On a final note and this is no reflection on the writing skills by Drew Forest but the cover to this book simply doesn’t make sense once you have read the novel. Maybe in future publishing’s the book will have a more appropriate and haunting cover to suit its contents.”

  – Peter ‘Witchfinder‘ Hopkins (Reviewer

“I was a bit skeptical at first with it being a debut book – but was not disappointed.
I’ve spent a long time working in psychiatry, and work with individuals with alcohol and painkiller dependency, the anxiety and desperation the person feels is massively captured by Drew, especially within the context of the protagonists interactions with others in the book. Can’t sit down and read a lot in one sitting but I powered through with this – will definitely be reading his other works, well worth the time.”

– Ebook Customer

Praise for ‘Reading the Palms of Dolls’


Reading the Palms of Dolls (2016)

“Drew Forest is a masterful story teller. Clear evidence self-published authors are the future. Reading the Palms of Dolls is an enchanting, intelligent tale of Jesse – a boy who suffers from a debilitating condition called scopophobia; a condition which leaves him with a paralysing fear of being looked at. Having been held prisoner his whole life by an abusive, overbearing mother, on his sixteenth birthday he finally finds the courage to escape the prison that is his bedroom, with the help of a paper-mâché mask to give him confidence to face the world. Once out in the world he meets teenage tear away, Rabbit. A goth girl who runs errands dealing drugs for the Father. The Father offers sanctuary to lost souls and Rabbit agrees to take Jesse to him. But once in this sanctuary for the lost and found not all is what it seems.
The writing is pure poetry. The story is unique and intelligent- I have never read anything like it. Quite simply: you must read this book.”

– Duncan Thompson (Author of ‘Within the Dark Places’)

“The first part of the book was so unlike anything I had ever read before that I instantly couldn’t wait to find out more about the peculiar main character in the story, Jesse. Various different adventures take place during the book in which the reader gets to know many other peculiar characters that make ‘Reading the Palms of Dolls’ a constant surprise. If you are not sure what book to read next and you are looking for a great story with lots of twists and originality, you will definitely love this one.”

– Javi Monzón

“An adventure with many eccentric characters reminding me of ‘The one hundred year old man who climbed out of his window and disappeared’ the book is split into three parts, which neatly sets the pace of the main characters timeline. Never knowing who to trust and knowing what lies around the next corner kept me gripped and managed to race through it over a weekend. Highly recommend.”

– Lee Petersen

Praise for ‘Malevolent Flesh’


Malevolent Flesh (2017)

Drew Forest hits another home-run with his third book; an impressive hat trick. Malevolent Flesh follows down on his luck Tyler, who receives a letter from his estranged sister asking him to visit. When he knocks on her door, despite claiming to be his sister, the lady who answers looks nothing like the Tara he remembers and she has no knowledge of sending the invite. Mean while, on the other-side of the Atlantic ex-call girl turned online psychic, Lana, receives a message for help from someone calling herself the Black Butterfly. At the same time Lana also has her own problem to deal with in the form of a shadowy stalker. You know some how these characters and events are connected, but it’s Drew’s skilled story telling which keeps you guessing and turning the page, dragging you deeper and deeper into the mystery and an unexpected, but excellent, conclusion.”

– Amazon Customer

“I highly recommend this book. It was an exciting read and I was transfixed from the very first page. I loved how the Author gripped me throughout and how the mystery unfolded and twisted and turned throughout. It had everything I look for in a book and would love to read more from Drew Forest, a very talented author and anticipate his future books.”

– Amazon Customer

“There is nothing better than a book which grips you from the very first pages, and that is exactly what ‘Malevolent Flesh’ achieved with me.
The fact the author provides extremely detailed descriptions allows the reader to feel present in the story which is extremely exciting from the very first pages until the very end.
Totally recommend this book to anyone who loves a good, mysterious novel!”

– Javi Monzón

Praise for ‘The Screaming Scarecrows of Silence Falls’


The Screaming Scarecrows of Silence Falls (A Halloween Short) (2016)

“I’m not a fan of short stories. I tend to find them pretentious and ambiguous. The Screaming Scarecrows was neither. It was everything I would want to read from a short story. Quick fire, intense story telling, in which the tension and suspense snowball to a an exciting conclusion.”

Duncan Thompson (Author of ‘Within the Dark Places’)

“A great Halloween story. Many of my favourite aspects of horror rolled into a short tale including a secluded cottage, creepy cornfields and scarecrows. Something seems off from the moment you enter the front door and alas things only get worse for Ross and Tessa.”

– Lee Petersen

“An eerie story, cleverly told. Look forward to more publications by this talented author. Great quick read for any horror fan.”

– Amazon Customer


Praise for ‘The Screaming Scarecrows of Silence Falls 2: The Summoning’


The Screaming Scarecrows of Silence Falls 2: The Summoning

“It’s no secret I’m a fan of Drew’s work; since his debut novel I have followed his writing with enthusiasm. And once again Drew proves himself to be as good, if not better, than some of the greatest horror writers out there. As any short story should, The Summoning packs a punch while taking your breath away. Only once you have finished reading can you breathe again.” 


– Duncan Thompson (Author of ‘Within the Dark Places’)

“A return to the Falls brings more twists to an evolving story, if not more creepy and juicy than the first short. I’ll look forward to a possible third eerie installment…great stuff!”

– Amazon Customer