Reading the Palms of Dolls by Drew Forest

Ever since he was a young child, Jesse suffered terribly from an anxiety disorder known as Scopophobia; the fear of being looked at or being seen. He was raised by an emotionally unstable mother who kept him locked in a windowless room for the majority of his childhood due to his debilitating condition. Her only means of contact with her son was from behind a grotesque mask and at a considerable distance.

On his sixteenth birthday, Jesse eventually runs away from home and embarks on a surreal and terrifying journey that forces him to face his deepest fears and uncover some of his darkest secrets. Along the way, he meets another teen runaway who calls herself Rabbit, a tattooed, pierced, self-acclaimed ‘goth’ with a penchant for getting into trouble. Burdened with her own secrets, the pair become allies and are forced to work together in order to survive the bizarre and disturbing events that unfold in October 1994.

“Reading the Palms of Dolls” has received five star ratings and is available directly on Amazon.