Moon Song

Good bye. The night grew wise and the stars finished their stories.

Good night, the wind sent her final whisper and the moon sang her last song.

Farewells carry like lanterns, slow ascension in to the night-time clouds, serenades sent down to earth as lullabies for the heavy hearted. Send a wish to a star and they will reveal something to you.

The last blink of the sunset and dozing heads lay light on feather pillows.

Windows left upon a crack and cotton curtains will flutter.

The smell of the dusk, a scent so fresh and exciting, kissed by the buttery lips of the moon. She owns the night and she cradles it tightly, and the stars bear witness to this universal love affair. A cosmic alliance, the catalyst for dreams.

 The moon, she owns the heavens when life becomes pure magic. At night, when the calmness blankets the fields and the trees. She kisses each person lightly upon the forehead and sends them a wish in the form of a dream. A gift from the constellations. A gift from her and her children; the endless galaxies, the stars.

Sleep long and sleep well.

Good night, the wind sends her final whisper and the moon sings her last song.

D R Forest 2013 ©