Malevolent Flesh by Drew Forest

…A whole new face, a whole new body, a whole new horror?

After a series of devastating events push Tyler Hamilton over the edge, he resorts to taking matters into his own hands. His deadly plans, however, are disrupted when he receives a letter from his estranged sister requesting that he visit her in the idyllic village of Edenville.

Fuelled by the bewildering content of the letter, Tyler sets out to reconnect with her in the hope of tying up a few loose ends. However, in a bizarre turn of events, he arrives at the address only to discover that his sister does not quite look like his sister anymore…

Over the next few days, Tyler begins to uncover a dark secret that’s not only being kept buried within the confines of his sister’s home but within the very foundations of the village of Edenville too. Tyler embarks on unearthing a horrifying truth – a truth that once revealed, will not only unleash a terror upon himself, but for the rest of the world as we know it.


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