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If you slice Drew Forest in half, you’ll find remnants of old Psychology textbooks, haunted Halloween gumball-machine toys and a chasm of library-loaned horror books. Forest wants you to explore the shuffling noise in your attic and the sightings of the lady in white in the local cemetery. With a strong fascination of the macabre, Forest writes to evoke more than a quick scare from his readers. His characters have depth and implore the reader to dissect their own emotions when faced with difficult choices.

Forest has currently published three full-length titles and several short stories. His most popular work however, is his debut novel, ‘The Corpse Rooms’ a disturbing cornucopia of horror, madness and mystery. It tells the tale of Theo Randell, a man battling addiction who is forced to find the courage to face fear when unusual activity at an old Manor House threatens to turn his world upside down.

Forest cites his biggest influences as Stephen King, Poppy Z Brite, James Herbert, John Saul and H. P. Lovecraft.

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