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Drew Forest is a UK Horror/Thriller/Paranormal author who enjoys exploring the strange and curious aspects of human nature and the haunting worlds his characters are drawn to.

From a young age, he was always fascinated with the idea of the ‘monster under the bed’ or the ‘thing lurking in the shadows’. These facets of fear inspired him to find ways to investigate ‘that which makes our skin crawl’. This allowed him to give life to short tales of ghosts and monsters brought to life via his grandmother’s old typewriter.

Forest has published three previous titles – his debut novel, ‘The Corpse Rooms’ is a story about madness and mystery. It tells the tale of Theo Randell, a man battling addiction who is forced to find the courage to face fear when everything is at stake.

Forest cites his biggest influences as Stephen King, Poppy Z Brite, James Herbert, John Saul and H. P. Lovecraft.

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