Under the Pink

“Circles and circles and circles again…”
Tori Amos – “Under the Pink” 1994

I’ve had Tori’s ‘Under the Pink’ on a loop for over a week now. It’s one of those albums that makes herself known when it’s necessary. From the piercing demands of ‘I believe in peace bitch’ during ‘The Waitress’ and the wishful lullaby-quality of ‘Baker Baker,’ ‘…make me whole again,’ – there’s a certain degree of self-exploration taking place during the twelve song cycle.


This idea of self-exploration will always remain a part of the pieces I write whether I choose to present them with cryptic clues or fanciful analogies – very much in the same vein of Tori’s writing. Though the primary aim is tell a story, inevitably it becomes more of a process of peeling back a few layers. Sometimes however, we pull back too many layers and what we find beneath is far too raw – too exposed.

And so begins the healing.

There has been one thing troubling me for quite some time and it’s something I may choose to dissect further at a later date but that is the idea of ‘life imitating art.’ It was Oscar Wilde who initially made this observation and I had never really personally experienced this phenomenon firsthand. However that was due to change after I wrote Malevolent Flesh. I penned the story back in 2016 and it was only a year later that I would come to realise that I had seemingly foretold some personal future events. I guess I could put my Psychology degree briefly to use here and explain it by my subconscious mind picking up on small clues and therefore inserting these into the story.

It’s something we can never know for sure but it has haunted me since I made the connection. There’s a strange cyclical effect between fiction and reality  – perhaps this is what Tori was referring to during ‘Cloud on My Tongue’ when she sings ‘circles and circles and circles again…’

I’ll be attempting to hang around this blog more often with content varying from writing news, reviews and personal updates. Here are some February – March – April snapshots.

My good friend and fellow author Asher Meekins has just launched his own website so please check it out and sign up for updates here!


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Author: Drew Forest

Independent author and copywriter

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