Still Screaming…

Working as a self published writer comes with as many pitfalls as it does tribulations. The work-load is a little more demanding and as a result, the hours become a little bit longer. However, the successes – as big and as small as they may come, provide a more than amazing result.


Unfortunately, it does mean that plans can sometimes fall short if priorities change. With this in mind, I would like to announce that The Screaming Scarecrows of Silence Falls 2 is out now! Unfortunately, this announcement comes a little later than anticipated but I hope that the Halloween spirit is still very much alive and inspires you to take another visit to the creepy town of Silence Falls.

Download your copy here: UK US

Read a fantastic brand new review of the first short story here courtesy of Peter ‘witchfinder’ Hopkins over at and find out how it all began.

Download a copy of the first part here: UK US


The Screaming Scarecrows of Silence Falls 2: The Summoning

Silence Falls – a small sleepy town in the middle of nowhere where every day is as predictable as the one before it.

Every day except for one that is… For each and every Halloween, the townsfolk must respect the terrifying legend of screaming scarecrows that come to life every October 31st.

If the screams are heard, they must be ignored.

Now, twenty years have passed since the last horrifying ordeal took place in a small cottage situated in the cornfields of this very same town. A ferocious young woman returns to the exact location that destroyed her life all that time ago. Armed with a desire for revenge and a deep understanding of the occult, she must learn to summon the true evil that resides within the cornfields so she can finally lay it to rest.

However, she soon discovers that the horror runs far deeper than first anticipated and if she has any hope of surviving the night, she must uncover the terrifying truth about the screaming scarecrows of Silence Falls once and for all…



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Author: Drew Forest

Independent author and copywriter

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