What September Brings

In four days, we will hit the one month mark since Malevolent Flesh was released and it’s been quite the month!

So to begin with, there were a couple of problems with the release, namely in terms of formatting the book and getting it out by the deadline. This was the first time I had released a digital and a paperback edition in conjunction with one another and both needed to be formatted slightly differently. In a way, it doubled the work-load but I persisted and spent a few sleepless days and nights tirelessly putting them together until I was happy with the end result.

I had originally planned to put the book up for pre-order initially and use this to generate a little bit of excitement about the release. Due to the time frame and a somewhat selfish desire to just put the book out, I eventually decided against the idea of a pre-sale.

Monday 14th August 2017: the book was released. Announcements went out on all social media platforms and the reception was generally positive.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

It was a great to finally get the story out as it was something that I had been working on for the last fourteen months and as I have said previously, it was (in some respects) a personal exorcism. Details of which I may disclose at a later date but needless to say, by finally putting the book out, it removed a big weight that had been sitting on my shoulders like a brooding spectre. I’m not sure if other writers can relate, but I find that sometimes the process of writing a story can be something of an addiction. There is an intrinsic need to find a suitable conclusion and there’s an unseen force that takes ahold of you as the plot twists and develops.

The story of Malevolent Flesh introduces ideas of suicide, loneliness, sexuality and paranoia that creep and sprawl beneath the mystery and horror of the main plot. There’s a certain burdening of these ideas upon the reader when exploring these concepts and I was conscious of perhaps not going too far with some ideas in fear of taking the story into a truly dark place. This was not my intention and though these themes run throughout, I hope they serve to push the story forward and provide suitable character motivations.

I have digressed slightly – getting back on track – this week saw two excellent five-star reviews come in and I couldn’t be happier with the feedback! There’s nothing more satisfying than having something you’ve worked so hard on be enjoyed by others. As I stated earlier, I was a little apprehensive about how the initial tone of the story would be received by readers but the feedback has given me the confidence to perhaps be even bolder with my writing choices.


It gives me faith that I can write something that might bring up ideas that may be deemed as taboo or ‘not to be talked about’ and I feel braver in approaching other ideas that I feel strongly about whilst being mindful not to detract from the story. Who knows what territory the next book will take me into.

You have been warned.

IMG_2017-09-03_11.13.13If any of you are on Instagram, you may be aware that I’ve recently launched an Author profile on there in order to provide a more ‘visual’ aspect to my work. I have plans to provide new insights on the novels, for example, I recently revealed some of the alternative titles of Malevolent Flesh that either didn’t fit or didn’t seem right. I also plan on running competitions and engaging on a more personal level.

You can find me on drew_forest_horror so please feel free to stop by and follow.

With Halloween around the corner, I am working on having a little surprise announcement but I will talk more about that next time. Here’s to pumpkins, autumnal trees, fingerless gloves and pretty graveyards.


Until next time, stay creepy.



‘Malevolent Flesh’ – Out now in digital and paperback editions on Amazon.





Author: Drew Forest

Independent author and copywriter

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