An Exclusive First Look at ‘Malevolent Flesh’

I am pleased to be able to share a sneak peek of my upcoming book, ‘Malevolent Flesh’ – and what better way to get you salivating at the idea of what’s in store than by delving straight into the very beginning of the story. Without further ado, please enjoy the mysterious prologue: the catalyst for the horror to come…

Information on pre-orders & release dates still to be announced… Stay tuned…



– Prologue –

     Life and death.

The seemingly inevitable mortal transition that could snatch a life within a moment. Sometimes the transition may progress a little longer, or sometimes death chooses to transpire over a considerable amount of time – a stretching departure from this world and this universe as we know it. Yet no one wants a slow death – no one wants to leave their bodies gradually, forced to savour each and every moment knowing that it is their last, like grains of sand lost to the breeze. To pass on whilst asleep, cocooned within the confines of a pleasant dream; the event occurring painlessly and effortlessly may be considered by some as the perfect death.

She had encountered death in its many forms several times during the course of her life, but not a single one of them had been perfect. In fact, they had been quite far from it.

And it was in that moment – as she witnessed the life depart from the mangled body, that each and every vein in her frail body suddenly became engorged with blood. The hot sticky fluid, reminiscent of some form of organic magma rushed through her arteries with such velocity, that she too, became convinced that she was destined to depart this earth in that very second. And she accepted that terrifying notion – she embraced it with open arms and exhaled with a momentary taste of peace, convinced that it was to be her final breath. Yet, adrenaline coursed through her system ascending her consciousness to a an entirely new level of anxiety. Synapses seemed to crackle and fire, while further chemicals surged through her body, and her once-perfect 20/20 vision was suddenly clouded by a cascade of white flecks that resembled surgically structured snow-flakes. She had been temporarily paralysed with the realisation of what had happened. This was the moment she was sure that she was due to pass from her corporeal being and drift into the great beyond.

This was the moment that changed everything.

Life and death.

As quick as flicking a switch.

On – off.

Yet it didn’t arrive.

Not for her.

And not this time.

Instead, the silence was pierced with a gut wrenching scream that escaped her lungs with such force that she was sure she would never speak again. What have I done? What have I done? she internally repeated those very same words to herself – over and over. The question joined the expanding cacophony that swirled in her mind within that very moment, blanketed by the maddening realisation of what had just occurred.

What have I done? She continued, what have I done?


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~ Malevolent Flesh ~


A whole new face, a whole new body, a whole new horror?

After a series of devastating events push Tyler Hamilton over the edge, he resorts to taking matters into his own hands. His deadly plans, however, are disrupted when he receives a letter from his estranged sister requesting that he visit her in the idyllic village of Edenville.

Fuelled by the bewildering content of the letter, Tyler sets out to reconnect with her in the hope of tying up a few loose ends. However, in a bizarre turn of events, he arrives at the address only to discover that his sister does not quite look like his sister anymore…

Over the next few days, Tyler begins to uncover a dark secret that’s not only being kept buried within the confines of his sister’s home but within the very foundations of the village of Edenville too. Tyler embarks on unearthing a horrifying truth – a truth that once revealed, will not only unleash a terror upon himself, but for the rest of the world as we know it.


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IMG_2017-01-25_19.34.57Look out for ‘Malevolent Flesh’ – the upcoming novel from Drew Forest, scheduled for release August 2017.




Author: Drew Forest

Independent author and copywriter

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