Speaking With Spirits

Sometimes people will ask me where stories come from and to be honest, I can never really reply with a concrete answer. The obvious conclusion would be to speak about inspiration as a result of asking ourselves questions. What would happen if we spent a night in a morgue renown for its mysterious activities? How would we react if we woke one morning to find ourselves transformed into a mythical creature? These questions, as highlighted by these examples could be generated by thoughts about the supernatural or fantasy. However, sometimes these could be based on ideas formed through real life situations. What would I do if I lost my job or I discovered I had a terminal illness? When we look at it this way, the opportunities are endless. There’s the possibility of deconstructing well-known stories, mixing and cross-referencing genres.

Perhaps we could take a step away from this structured way of thinking and write without limitations. A free association novel. A meandering course of the inner-workings of an author’s mind. Not necessarily destined to be the top of the bestseller list but it would more than likely provide a fascinating insight into the life of another. Though the line between fiction and non-fiction may become blurred, the work itself would be fruitful and filled with microcosms of the authors sense of reality. What would it be like to read such work? Where each sentence, each word even, offers the reader something to ponder or explore further about the author’s beliefs.


Anyway, I digress. I’ve come to believe my ideas are the results of conversations with spirits delivered to me through dreams. They are received like regular news updates, complete with headlines and short bursts of information yet I am freely able to probe the information and find their roots. Sometimes I wonder if these are messages delivered from another dimension? Perhaps they are sent to our time and space in the guise of fables in the hope of bonding the realities. Perhaps they come from the deceased? They carefully select and offer them from the other-side – as gifts or as teachings to shed light on the living realm. Perhaps they come as unconscious messages from ourselves. Cryptic lessons that can only be unlocked through the process of writing. Maybe a thinly veiled warning containing invaluable insights into the future?

Ultimately, I can only conclude that their conceptions are to remain innocuously  mysterious and I can be content with that notion as long they continue to be delivered.



Author: Drew Forest

Independent author and copywriter

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