All Things Writer-y & Much More

 It’s been a little while since my last foray into the world of ‘Blogdom’ so I thought I would use this opportunity to update and reflect on all things writer-y in the Drew Forest universe.

First of all, I just want to say a big THANK YOU to those of you who have bought any of my titles. Every now and again, I’ll see a few copies get picked up in little splurges and I end up spending the next few hours scratching my head trying to ascertain why a particular number of copies sold on one day compared to days where there are no sales. No matter what the answer, I remain extremely grateful for the readership and sales figures are no match for that level of privilege.

It’s been quite a journey and to think it was only just over twelve months ago that I clenched my teeth, threw caution to the wind and dropped ‘The Corpse Rooms’ on to the world. I had very little expectations of even a single person parting with their time and money to read a story by an independent writer. Never-mind, an independent HORROR writer! So, it’s been more than incredible to see it garner as much interest as it has done. I’ve even been contacted by a number of indie reviewers who have wanted to include the title on their review blogs so I wait with bated breath on their verdicts and opinions.

My good friend Mr Paul Chandler also contributed a lovely shout-out for ‘Reading the Palms of Dolls’ on his very entertaining podcast ‘The Shy Life Podcast’ which you can listen to here. The mention begins at around the 06:15 mark but I urge you to listen to the entire podcast if you have the time. I would like to once again issue a big THANK YOU Paul for the plug! I’m sure he would also be grateful if you subscribed to his blog and followed him on Twitter @SHYYETI

Seeing the titles released as paperback copies was a massive landmark for me. Since being a child, the idea of holding a physical copy of a book that I had slogged endlessly on within my greasy mitts was nothing short of a fantasy. So again, a big thank you to those of you that bought the E-book AND the physical copies – I know who are… [insert ominous music here] and I’ll lay off the seemingly endless spurts of gratitude for now.

‘Malevolent Flesh’ is coming! The book that is… You can read all about that here. Needless to say, I am very excited to put this story out into the real world since I think it might be my favourite piece so far (shush, don’t tell the other books). I’ve been working tirelessly on the revisions and re-edits and I have to be honest, this part of the process is my least favourite. I know there are writers out there that love to craft and shape their drafts but I hate the ruthless act of editing out sections that I’ve grown to love and cherish – and that even accounts for some of the characters! It’s certainly not easy but I’ve created a book schedule in order to give me a chunk of time each day to sit down and work on it.

I’ve recently updated my site with some poetry for those that might be interested in that form. I was always a little reluctant to include such work on here as it was somewhat incongruent with the rest of the content. However, with a little boost and some kind words from a fellow (and wonderful surrealist poet) Kevin Bateman, I’ve come to re-think the content on the site and I’ve decided to include a few pieces to see how they are received. Kevin has been nominated for ‘ Best Collaborative Work’ and I highly recommend checking out his stuff and voting for him here [voting closes April 30th 2017]. So, if you don’t mind a slight departure from horror in terms of poetic pieces, please feel free to have a read here.

Zombbbbbb! (That’s Zomb with 6 b’s) is still going strong with an episode posted each week. I’ve just posted Episode 16 from the second series and to be quite frank, all hell is about to break loose. If you’re new to Zombbbbbb! and want to catch up, you can start from the beginning here – just scroll to Episode One.

My friend on Twitter @TheNobleGaming developed a brilliant idea and concept known as #YourHorror which saw fellow Twitter users choose the outcome of a horror story. It was a fantastic way of throwing the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ concept into the modern digital age and it was equally fun to participate in. You can check out the results on his blog. In light of that theme, I was playing with the idea of running a similar idea with Zombbbbbb! Wherein readers get to make decisions for our lead character and in effect ultimately control the outcome of the story (based on majority ratings). This may be something I will look at for Season Three but I’m eager to hear what you, the reader, thinks about it, would it work for Zombbbbbb!?

Last update of the day, here’s a cool picture I took, I find that it’s reminiscent of the album artwork for Tori Amos’s ‘Boys for Pele’ and I’m sure there’s a horror story in there somewhere. Enjoy.


So that’s your lot for now! I’ll no doubt drop by in a week or so to offer you more writer-y updates or perhaps even the odd scare or two… For now, big thank yous and big thumbs up to you all.




Author: Drew Forest

Independent author and copywriter

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