“Malevolent Flesh” to be released in Summer 2017

Drew Forest’s third full length novel is set to be unleashed this upcoming summer.
Here’s what the author had to say about the new release:

     “Malevolent Flesh was first conceived a few years ago. It began with a short story about a brother and sister who reconnected after they had lost touch. The plot revolved around the fact that they had both transformed into entirely new people – inside and out – thus being my gateway into the sub-genre of ‘body horror.’ I have always been drawn to tales and concepts based around the idea of ‘a terror trapped within our own skin’. It was always as though they in themselves had somehow become hooked into my unconscious, like starved parasitic entities.

      There’s nothing more devastating than the constrictive nature of an abomination which ultimately imprisons us as victims of our very own bodies. I grew up watching films such as ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ and Cronenberg’s ‘Shivers’ so these cinematic masterpieces were fairly influential in the overall theme of the story. However, I wanted to approach this form of horror from an entirely new perspective and offer a narrative that would keep the reader guessing until the final act.

     I’m slightly apprehensive as there are a few bold choices within the story and for that reason, Malevolent Flesh has somewhat become an embodiment of myself in many ways. However, my primary aim remains intact, wherein I endeavour to transport the reader to a world quite unlike our own and deliver some thrills and chills along the way.”

– Drew Forest – 3rd April 2017


Malevolent Flesh is Forest’s third stand-alone novel and follows the popular predecessors, The Corpse Rooms and Reading the Palms of Dolls. The new title will be released this summer in both E-book and Paperback formats through Amazon. Further details will be announced in due course but for now the cover artwork and synopsis has been unveiled. Please see below.



Malevolent Flesh

A whole new face, a whole new body, a whole new horror?

After a series of devastating events push Tyler over the edge, he resorts to taking matters into his own hands. His deadly plans, however, are disrupted when he receives a letter from his estranged sister requesting that he visit her in the idyllic village of Edenville.

Fuelled by the bewildering content of the letter, Tyler sets out to reconnect with her in the hope of tying up a few loose ends. However, in a bizarre turn of events, he arrives at the address only to discover that his sister does not quite look like his sister anymore…

Over the next few days, Tyler begins to uncover a dark secret that’s not only being kept buried within the confines of his sister’s home but within the very foundations of the village of Edenville too. Tyler embarks on unearthing a horrifying truth – a truth that once revealed, will not only unleash a terror upon himself, but for the rest of the world as we know it.


For further information on Forest’s work please visit the official website

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Releases can be found on both Amazon UK and Amazon US

Drew Forest Official Twitter


Author: Drew Forest

Independent author and copywriter

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