Zomb (With Six B’s)

Zombbbbbb! is a written episodic series with instalments uploaded once a week. It sees the protagonist Ryan Blackmoore, swept up in a nightmarish post-apocalyptic future overridden with the undead. Except we learn that from the very onset, this world is quite unlike anything else. The bizarre nature of this universe is explored via zombie-worshipping cults, mad scientists and giant walking corpses.

The series came to life after I had the idea, ‘what if we turned the tables and instead of the zombies eating the humans, it was the living that feasted on the undead’ – from there I developed the series (previously titled as MmmmmmZomb!). I visualised it in a comic book format and threw together a terribly trashy logo to give the reader a sense of what to expect. I had an overall arc in mind and it was set to be a one-off series to span for twenty to thirty weeks. The idea was to contribute an episode each week that would read at 1000 words or less and move the story along fairly quickly. However, the idea seemed to develop on its own and before I knew it, I had completely re-written ‘life-on-planet-earth-as-we-know-it…’ Literally!

The first twenty five episodes introduced the zombie-worshippers and their leader aka The Returned and sees Ryan forced to partake in one of their horrific rituals culminating in a life-changing outcome. The current season sees Ryan and his new found friend attempting to flee The Returned and seeking refuge in a secret laboratory on a mountain where they uncover more truths about this hellish underworld and their roles to play. I’ve unintentionally mapped out two more series and am pretty excited to see where it goes.

As the series is an entity which is constantly developing, it has undergone a few revamps, one of which was the name of the series. This was due to two main reasons:

  1.  No one was able to pronounce it correctly
  2.  It sounded a little inadvertently sexual (feel free to insert canned laughter here)

So MmmmmmZomb! transformed into Zombbbbbb! (Zomb with six b’s).

For those with a sharp eye, you may notice that the logo gradually changes over the course of the series to symbolise the horror and toll it is taking on our main character.

If you’d like to check out the series, you can start with Episode One here.

Please feel free to post any comments or questions.



Author: Drew Forest

Independent author and copywriter

One thought on “Zomb (With Six B’s)”

  1. Really enjoying the series so far… There seems to be a twist with every episode! Love how you’ve managed to incorporate so many different genres! I hope there’s more!


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