The Secret File

It’s a writer’s prerogative to undertake several journeys before arriving at a destination that feels suitably comfortable. There are innumerous projects and drafts that are abandoned or disposed of because they either didn’t feel right at the time, they lacked any direction or they were just downright useless. I’m sure I’m not the only writer to confess that they harbour an illusive folder on their computer containing countless false-starts and projects that were given up on before they could find their flesh. There are projects that never found titles, others that exist purely as a list of bullet points, some that were reworked and polished like fine china but then never found any traction. The point is, it’s an island of lost toys, too sacred to be completely discarded and too sentimental to be passed on to someone else.

I recently delved into that very folder, or as I prefer to call it – ‘The Secret File’ since it’s buried within a number of different sub-folders and has been given a generic title as to not garner any interest should a wandering eye happen to fall upon it.

Inside I found a long list of saved word documents, some were titled as numbers, there were also some that possessed titles which were positively captivating and lulled me into a false sense of security before I opened them and perused the ‘less than captivating’ contents. It soon became evident why those pieces of work remained archived and practically on the verge of death.

However, I discovered a few tidbits that expressed the potential to have a little life pumped back into them. Whether or not that would be enough to fully resuscitate  and provide an opportunity for them to be seen in the harsh light of day, I do not know – but it might be worth a shot.

Perhaps they needed a little time to marinate in the dark.

I’m going to conclude on a little confession – some of these works exist as entities that may not be deemed as horror. In fact, I’m not exactly sure what ‘category’ these works would be put under. In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of categorisation however I can appreciate the purpose it serves when looking for something specific, therefore I can only really label these as fiction.

At least for now.

There was one particular story that I had begun work on entitled, ‘How the Blood Works’ which told the tale of an amnesiac young man who attempts to piece his life together by uncovering memories attached to specific objects. Each chapter title was the object that he encountered and the memory that was associated with it. Eventually, all the smaller pieces came together and his life and events leading up to what had caused his condition had been revealed. I really liked the idea and as I read on, I got quite excited to recall the ending. Except, I hadn’t finished it and much to my disappointment there was no outline to be found! Whether or not this is something that I will return to is yet to be seen but it might spark an interest in writing outside of the genre from time to time.



Author: Drew Forest

Independent author and copywriter

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