Endings & Titles & Blurbs

Endings, titles and blurbs, the holy trinity that I tend to struggle with when writing a story. Though I know what it is that I want to say, getting them on the page in the correct fashion is, shall we say a little more tricky.


Endings, titles and blurbs, the holy trinity that I tend to struggle with when writing a story. Though I know what it is that I want to say, getting them on the page in the correct fashion is, shall we say a little more tricky.


With every story I write, I outline, re-outline and outline again. Most of the time as the plot unfolds, I find myself meandering from the basic structure and plump it up with a few additional details. However, once I’ve written the ending, I’m always unhappy with the result. It could be the last scene or the last few scenes of the climax. The tone has to be perfect and it’s off key slightly, it diminishes the impact. Now that I’ve completed Book 3, I know the ending will need a complete re-write and even though that’s a long way off, I know that will be the hardest part to conquer. Does anyone have any tips on tricks on creating the perfect ending? I know that’s a very subjective and open question but I would be interesting in hearing if you have a specific formula or idea that you use when constructing that part.


Blurbs. SO FRICKING IMPORTANT. These are normally one of the first things that anyone will read about your book and if you don’t grab their interest, then they won’t bother to read the content. It’s just my luck that this is another aspect that I struggle with. I either overshoot or undershoot. By overshooting, I give away too much of the story, irrelevant details and irreversibly spoil any surprises. Big mistake. On the other hand, by undershooting, I don’t give enough information – it becomes a skeletal synopsis and readers aren’t given flesh to sink their teeth into, or begin to even consider relating to the character/s. It’s a balancing act. For this current book, I must have written at least ten different blurbs, some of which have been lengthy portions giving the reader far too much exposition and detail. Others have been measly bite-size chunks of generic drivel. Maybe it’s just me, but I find achieving that right balance very difficult. I constantly read other blurbs to try to get an idea of how they should be formed and structured, and what to include and what not to include but I definitely think there is a skill in forming the perfect blurb. You need just the right amount of ingredients and cooking time.


Holy hell, titles are tough. I’d have to tie this in with blurbs and say, SO FRICKING IMPORTANT. In fact, titles might even be more important. A title is the nettle sting. It’s the part that makes the reader sit up and pay attention. It should do a number of things

1. Give an insight into what the story is about.

2. Set the tone for the book, in which they should have an inkling what genre the story should fall into though not fully necessary.

3. Provoke intrigue, who doesn’t want to know what ‘A Clockwork Orange’ is about?!

4. Be memorable. Someone might recommend a book or see an advertisement but it’s no use if the reader forgets the title and ultimately can’t find it.

I have had over fifteen titles for Book 3. I had a lovely working title but it just didn’t sit well. I then had another title which I loved but after researching, found out that it was already the title of another book. I had various forms of that one but they just weren’t right. However, and I say this with a little trepidation, I believe I now have the FINAL title. It’s short and snappy and I think that it suits the story PERFECTLY and though it was a long procedure to get to that point, I’m very happy with how it has turned out. I aim to put together a little release package soon that will reveal the title, blurb and (hopefully) a release date! Bearing in mind, I have yet to edit and rewrite the ending, it may take a few months but it is definitely on the way!

As always, please feel free to drop by with any questions or comments.

Author: Drew Forest

Independent author and copywriter

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