All the Horror

Paperback copies of ‘The Corpse Rooms’ and ‘Reading the Palms of Dolls’ are now on-sale via Amazon alongside the standard digital versions which are available to download instantly.


I’m very excited to announce that you can now purchase hard copies of ‘Reading the Palms of Dolls’ from Amazon!

These are on-sale alongside the recently released paperback version of ‘The Corpse Rooms’ – just in time for its ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. I honestly can’t believe how much has changed and progressed within these twelve little months. I have so much more planned for this upcoming year that the excitable version of me wants to spill the beans straight away, but I’ll reveal little bits in due course….

‘The Corpse Rooms’ has received yet another five star review! (hyperventilates slightly) You can read that here. It seems like ‘word of mouth’ is giving it a little more traction so please feel free to share to support.

Drew Forest on the release day of “The Corpse Rooms”

And finally – another BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me on this journey. The release of the paperback copies went exceptionally well (in fact, I think they’ve now out-sold the digital copies…!) So, I appreciate every single comment, purchase, review, like, share etc… I know I seem to say it a lot but I truly do appreciate every little ounce of support. So thank you once again!!

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